Collection And Recovery Under Expenditure Tax Act

by Varun Advani | 6 March 2013
The Expenditure Tax Act of 1987 states the collection of direct taxes for charges incurred at certain hotels, restaurants and similar establishment. There are certain rules that specify the collection and recovery of this Expenditure Tax and both the Assessees as well as the persons responsible for depositing this amount to into the coffers of the Income Tax Department of India are responsible for the correct payment as per laws laid down by the Income Tax Act of 1961. A series of Clauses, Sub Sections, and Sections of the Act deal with the recovery and collection of this tax amount.As per the... [More]

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Taxation of Non Resident Indians - makemyreturns

by Varun Advani | 15 November 2012
Are you an NRI? This article explains special provisions applicable to non-resident Indians under the Income Tax Act. Read more to find out how sections 115D, 115E, 115G, 115I apply to you. [More]

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Should the government use non tax revenues to cover up deficit?

by Varun Advani | 10 November 2012
Expert speak: Should the Government introduce tax on income from agriculture in India? Read about our expert's take on how to counter India's massive fiscal deficit without adversely affecting inflation and interest rates. [More]

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When do you not pay Capital Gains Tax? What is not a transfer of asset?

by Varun Advani | 26 October 2012
Not all Capital gains transactions are regarded as transfers under section 47 of the Income Tax Act. Read more from our experts about these transfers and avail exemption from tax. [More]

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Incorporation and Tax Considerations for Start-ups in India

by Varun Advani | 22 October 2012
One of the biggest considerations for an entrepreneur while building a start-up is handling future tax issues. This article from our tax experts discusses the options for incorporation of start-ups and the related tax considerations. [More]

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