How and when should you pay your Advance Taxes.

by Team MMR | 22 November 2013
If your tax liability exceeds Rs 10,000/- for the current financial year, then you are obligated to pay advance tax. As the name says, it is tax paid as you go on earning as opposed to paying tax in lump sum amount at the end of the financial year. Individuals can pay advance tax thrice, while businesses can do the same four times within the span of one financial year. [More]

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Everything You Need to Know about Capital Gains Tax in India

by Team MMR | 14 November 2013
Capital gains tax is the tax levied on any kind of capital gains. Such gains are usually realized when assets or investments are sold or matured to yield a profit. The taxation varies on the following two factors: 1. Types of assets or asset classes 2. Duration of holding the assets [More]

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Maximize your Tax Savings!

by Team MMR | 7 November 2013
Everyone’s tax-related worries usually stem from lack of understanding of the tax slabs or confusion related to tax saving options. Many people don’t even look beyond Section 80C, 80CCC and 80CCD. Tax planning is very important and ideally must commence with the financial year itself rather than at the end of it. [More]

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